Good Bye, Cold, Cruel World!

Just kidding. Well, sort of.  Good-bye just to the cold, cruel, blog-world. This has been a miserable failure and I quit. After six months of near daily blogging, I have received one response from a parent, and 250 spam invitations to various businesses opportunities. (My favorites are the ones clearly written by someone not familiar with the English language!)

I hope you’ll read the class newsletter better. Always feel free to email me.

Thanks, Mrs. Seversike

Wed. Jan. 20

Hello, Folks,

Homework tonight will be Math lesson #67.

Note: Pink Science forms are over due. Your signature acknowledges, in essence, “I know my child is participating in a Science Fair. I know they are responsible for a project (in some cases a research paper), and that there is a timeline.”

We have a field trip February 1st. I’m sorry it’s so expensive. :(     There is a Science lesson before the skating. I would have made buying a lunch/bringing a lunch your choice, but I’m not the boss of much.   :)


Mrs. Seversike

Tues. Jan 12, 2016

Hello Out There!

Science Fair packets are going home today. Your job is to look through the expectations packet and sign the pink form that basically says, “Yes, I saw it, and am aware of the timeline.” Send those signatures back as soon as possible.

It’s very exciting that we are going on a field trip! It will be January 27, which is a Wednesday. Skateland does an hour long lesson and works in all kinds of math terms and helps the kids make practical application of things like “Area” and “Perimeter”. They are then allowed some time for free skating. I think the kicker is the skate rental, which I believe is $3.50, but we’ll find out for sure later. I don’t know the bus cost, but I just wanted to get the date out there as early as I could.

Homework is Saxon Lesson #63, which we did quite a bit of in class. They are to be filling out their neon orange reading log all week, and return it on Friday, with a parent signature. (Thanks for helping our students keep it real!)

We’re Baaaack!! And it’s a brand new year…

We’ve been doing fraction review in math this week, and homework will be irregular skills until we get back to the rhythm of Math lessons at the new quarter. (Which begins Monday!)

Our spelling bee is tomorrow morning, if you wish to attend, it begins at 8:30 am.
Feel free to email with any concerns or questions you may have. Any response to this blog would be awesome. This year I have received 55 spam responses for anything from vacation rentals to insurance, and 1 genuine parent response (which occurred because one sweet student said it was required! ha!)

Mrs. Seversike

Dec 17, 2015

Well, here we are. They just sprung a fire drill on us; scared us out of our wits! We did not do a good job, and that’s too bad. One student got a detention out of it from another teacher. Encourage your student to hold on for one more day! We haven’t done anything “Christmasy”, trying to hold this group in check. Tomorrow is our little celebration, and you are welcome to send in a snack if you choose. I’ll provide donuts.

Our homework is #60, the last lesson in book #1. We’ll come back and jump back into preparations for the AZMerit test in March. Getting 5 months of Math into 3 months. That should be interesting!

PINK READING LOG!! Due tomorrow. I have hounded and reminded and nagged your child every day of the week. They can NOT say, “I didn’t know”, or “I didn’t know how”!  Please sign the Reading Log, and help your child be accurate and truthful. Thanks for your support. I’m trying to bring these kids as close to grade level as I can get them in the time I have with them. The more you support this effort the closer we’ll get.

Monday, Dec. 14

Homework tonight will be lesson #56. Our lesson today was on probability. You might use opportunities to talk about “odds”, “chances”, “probabilities”, to help solidify the idea of how likely something is to occur.

The kids are not thrilled to be using their specialist time for music practice every day, but after tomorrow that will be over. Remember that your child’s performance time depends on their last name. A-M goes from 6:00-7:00, and N-Z goes from 7:30 to 8:30.

We will have a Christmas celebration similar to our Halloween day. The last hour we’ll have donuts and do a little Christmas craft. I’ll supply the donuts, and you can contribute anything else you would like. Individually wrapped is best, in case they want to save for later. Thanks!

Dec 8

Yesterday we had a nice discussion about Pearl Harbor Day, we took our Galileo English Language Arts test, learned about coordinate grids and ordered pairs, and learned a bit more about Arizona. But I forgot to write on the blog! Homework was just their reading log, and to work on their book report. We did put it in the planner, always check there for daily updates.

We will do Math lesson # 54 for homework today. (And the Reading Log, which will be due Friday morning.)


I arrived here with a box FULL of pencils that had accumulated over the past many years of my teaching, as well as hundreds of pencil toppers. I am serious, they are GONE!!! This class chews erasers, tears pencils apart, loses them, grinds them to nothing, or otherwise makes short order of pencils! I won’t buy any more pencils for the classroom, but I’m hoping you will!! If you have spares sitting around, I would love them. If you can contribute a package of pencil toppers I would be grateful. If you would like to have them be for just your child, that’s okay. They can keep them in their own pencil boxes and use them as needed. That would be that many less needed for the group. Ticonderoga is a nice brand, as well as other wooden pencils. The plastic pencils are really hard on my sharpener, and take forever to sharpen. If you really want to be an angel, send them in already sharpened. Heaven!! Thank you, we’re down to our last few!!

PS Mechanical pencils are fine with me with this understanding:

*If you use it like a pencil we are golden.

*If you take them apart and play with the pieces, then they are a toy and will be sent home.

It’s Friiiiday!

Hi Folks,

It’s been a week. Lion King cast coming and going, groups cancelled, specialist schedules changed for holiday program practice, field trip, unexpected assembly, we have had lots of opportunities to get excited and off task, and boy, we did!

If you could remind your student of good behavior expectations for the next two weeks that would be really appreciated!

Please look through backpacks and see some of the awesome math they have been doing. It’s pretty impressive!

We’ve been studying Arizona, and I am loving learning about this great state!

Have a great week-end!

Math HW is Lesson # 53, most kids got it done in class, with my assistance on the ones that challenged them. :)

December 2; Wednesday

Homework is Saxon Math # 52.

Tomorrow is our quick little field trip to the Lion King performance.We will leave after attendance, and I imagine being back by 10:00. They will not need anything but their permission slip returned, and their good manners.

A reminder that this Friday is a regular day, but the next Friday, the 11th, is a half day.

December 18th is our last school day for the 2015 year (isn’t that weird!?). It is a regular school day. We come back Monday, January 4, 2016.