Welcome to my class!

My name is Shoulong (Shawn) Zhou. I moved to the valley in July from Houston, TX. I was born and grew up in Jingzhou, a beautiful city in central area of China with thousands of years history. while I was a Law school freshman in China, I “accidentally” became an ESL teacher and then fell in love with teaching. After getting my Bachelor Degree in Law, I decided to come to the States for advanced degree in Education major. I obtained Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston, hoping to finish my Doctorate degree in couple of years.

Before I moved to the valley, I taught Chinese Mandarin in a small private International Baccalaureate high school in Houston, TX. I am also highly qualified in  teaching high school Mandarin and Middle School Math in AZ. This year, I am very excited to join ALA faculty team and learn Math with my students! (Math is hard and boring!…Well, really?!  let’s figure it out and have fun together! )

Basketball is my favorite. I am a loyal Houston Rockets fan. And I do play basketball! I also love books, movies, traveling (especially Road-Trip), computer projects, and (of course!) Chinese food!

I am looking forward to seeing you!