Mission Statement

Teaching and Research is my Passion. Over my more than two decades of teaching and research in Basic and Applied Science and Math at High School, College, Undergrad and Grad School, ┬áThis is at ASU, Purdue University and ITT, I have found a common problem, the BASICS. Students at all these levels are proficient in following a set protocol and instructions but fail to answer ‘why’. The very same reason I decided to teach at grass-root level.

I do believe in ‘Teaching how to fish than giving fish” which translates to teaching logic and life skills which has broader applications. I am also a musician and I do encourage students to take up hobbies in Music, Arts or Sports which adds on to the students creativity. One more aspect of this generation is extended use of gadgets, social media and video games which are discouraged and are advised to spend more time in reality!.