Thanks For A Great Year!

May 26

Tomorrow is the last day for our second graders to be second graders. The day is going to be fun! We begin with a silly string party and go right to the second grade kickball championship. (We are sure to be at least 2nd place). We will enjoy a pop cycle party courtesy of the Vanscoder family. From there we come inside for our “in class” award program and then an “almost”  impromptu talent show. We will finish with some refreshments. Pick up your child at 11:30 and have a wonderful summer. Thanks to all of you for your support. Thanks for these wonderful...

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Mrs. Matheson Is Back on the Job

May 11

Mrs. Matheson had a bout with a bad cold but is back and feeling wonderful. If your student did not come home with our LAST spelling list for the school year on Monday or Tuesday-here it is : general, peace, traders, drains, streak, mortar, treaty, river, orphan, defend, ragtag, soldiers, goods, fired, hickory, knotty, Mississippi, highways, proud and New Orleans. I will be sending home the Homework planner today so look for that as it is worth 2  points on the spelling test. Dates to watch for are: May 13: Early Release and Spring concert. The concert begins at 5:30 for second graders but the students should be at the school by 5:15 dressed in “western wear” or the ALA uniform. The 3-6 grade concert begins at 6:45. May 25th: Final Awards Ceremony May 26th: Last day of school and Early Release...

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That Week Went By Fast!!!!

May 02

It is May! Wow, we are racing for the finish line. Thanks for all of your support for our Carnival. It was a big success and lots of fun. We are Galileo testing this week so no homework. Here are the spelling words for this week. Please study them at home, they are tough: ransacked, Ship, poem, construct, White House, commander, anthem, burned, harbor, rockets, dawn, stitching, flag, McHenry, giant, fifteen, stripes, brave, port, and bomb is the tricky word. As you can tell we are still studying the War of 1812....

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Happy Monday!

Apr 25

As I look around the room this morning I see that a few of our students did not take the information regarding Spirit Week home. Here is what you need to know. Monday-Twin Day (find a friend and plan to dress as they do), Tuesday-Nerd Day, Wednesday-Mis-match day, Thursday-Color Day (we are kelly green), Friday-Super hero Day. There is a donation to participate-$1 is hoped for but anything will do. The children must keep shorts to the knee and shirts must have sleeves but otherwise have fun! Remember our Carnival is this Friday. It starts at 5 and goes till 8 PM. See you there! This weeks spelling words: Madison (as in James-4th president), president, battle, march, Congress, British, Washington, support, troops, impressment, cannon, death, Dolley, merchants, paved, hawks, painting, monarchy, navy and the tricky word is Ironsides. We are studying the War of 1812 as you probably guessed....

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Second Grade News and Information

Apr 22

Only five weeks left of second grade! It is getting harder and all the little things are adding up. Please don’t forget the Homework Planner each Friday. It really makes a difference for our students. It is worth 2 points added to the ELA grade. It is huge. Also, the math homework is vital. It reinforces all we do in class and helps your child remember what they have learned. I have heard some pretty amazing excuses as to why homework cannot be completed, but we all have the same 24 hours so “let’s get it done”. Next week is spirit week. You should be getting a note about what each day brings. Please read it. Next week is the carnival. THANK YOU for responding to our plea for cupcakes. You are...

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Volunteers Needed on Two Fronts

Apr 13

1-All ALA teachers are required to inventory everything in our rooms by April 22. If any parent needs extra service hours and likes to count, I could use some assistance with this inventory. Contact me ASAP if you can help. 2-Carnival is April 27 and the second grade needs a booth. Does anyone have a great idea about a booth that would be fun for the children and adults? This is a great time to get together as an ALA family and just enjoy one another-let me know if you have any thoughts about how we can make a happy memory for our...

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Fourth Quarter Is Rushing By

Apr 11

Second grade is getting harder but the children are stepping up. Nevertheless, we want to sprint to the finish line to insure we are sending up the best third graders possible. This weeks spelling words are: after, barber, camera, difference, birthday, swirling, thirteen, chirping, burden, furnace, hamburger, turtle, marker, parcel, ramparts, safari, informer, organize, perform, and war. Please practice at home for the Friday test. This Friday is an early release day so pick up your children at 11:30. Some other dates to remember are: April 4-May 20: After school tutoring for Title 1. W & Th with Mrs. Lewis (you should have received paper work if your child qualifies) April 15: 1/2 day pick up at 11:30 April 25-29: Book Fair April 29: Spring Concert May 2-13: Galileo and Dibels...

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