Tips For Turning

TIPS for Turning
ONE:Engage your core muscles to maintain good alignment during the turn.
TWO:Every turn is a balance, so practice balancing the position in which you want to turn (retiré, a la seconde, etc.).
THREE:Spot and keep your eyes off the floor (or that’s where you’ll end up).
FOUR:Use only enough push to get around – sometimes a dance student’s biggest downfall in pirouettes is pushing so hard that they throw the turn off.
FIVE:“Connect” your arms to your back – you should feel and imagine width across the back and shoulder blades and the arms should maintain their position (don’t “wind-up” for a turn).
SIX:Take off from a properly placed and expansive plié for power in the turn.
SEVEN:Strengthen your ankles supporting the relevé – if you are wobbly, sickled, or pronated, this will ruin your turn.
EIGHT:Mentally, make a choice to come down from the turn, don’t “let” gravity make the choice for you.
NINE:Visualize yourself doing a beautiful, clean pirouette – it really does help!