Week 10


Week 10

Welcome back from Fall Break Class!  I hope you enjoyed your time off, had a lot of fun, and are well rested.  We are going full force into some new areas so put learning hats!

This week in History we will be starting to study the events leading up to World War II (WWII).  First stop is the Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression.  These two events significantly changed the landscape of our country.  Women were given the right to vote, the League of Nations was formed, and then Amendment 18 was passed.  It was a time of great change – both good and bad.  So let’s get ready to study!

In Leadership, we are continuing our journey through the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.  Please be sure to bring your copy of the book with you EVERY DAY.  Thank you so much in advance.

Week Seven

week 7

Well my classrooms… we are coming into week seven.  Almost time for Fall Break.  I bet you’re ready for it.  You’ve been working hard and I appreciate the effort.  Please know I see those who are really trying and am proud of you!  For those who are sliding by, know that Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up on Wednesday, September 23rd!  Grade books have been updated and all grades are currently current (try saying that fast 10 times!).

Week 6



As you all know, week 6 was our ALA Spirit Week culminating in the Homecoming Game – hooray for our victorious football players.  That was an amazing game Friday!!!  Yes, I did attend with my wife who I pointed many of my students out to.

In week six we finished the Civics Unit on Tuesday.  Everyone did really well on the test.  Thank you so much for your hard work.  Keep it up!  Wednesday we moved on into our D.B.Q. sessions (Data Base Questions for those not paying attention).  We will continue with these into week eight which will bring us up to Fall Break!  Whoot!

Week Five


Here we are in week five and getting ready to finish up the Civics portion of 8th grade History.  We just have the Unit Test and then we’ll be spending two weeks on the data based questions which we’ll get into more in week six.  Just wanted to give you the heads up on that one.  :)  The Unit Test will be held on 9/15/2015.   I have the study guide already uploaded for you to start reviewing.

Leadership has been watching “The Men Who Built America” series.  By now you should have a good idea on who you are going to choose to do your paper and presentation on.  More information about this assignment can be found under assignments.  I look forward to reading some great papers and listening to your creative presentations!

Week Four

Welcome to the fourth week of school.  How are you all feeling so far? Overwhelmed?  Energized?  Just going with the flow?  However you are feeling, let’s make this week a great one for all of us together.  Hopefully some of the changes that we’ve implemented in the room will make a better learning environment for everyone.  I’ll be putting up a sign up sheet in the class for those who want to schedule tutoring time after school.  Remember that I am here for you if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

Welcome to week 3 students!

The first two weeks of school have been completed!  That has to be feeling good.  It’s been a couple of weeks of adjustment for us all.  Hopefully you’re feeling comfortable in class.

For the History class – I want to say congratulations to most of you who have done so well on this last test.  So many of you actually doubled your scores.  I am so proud of you all and the effort that you put into this.  Let’s keep up the excellent work.  For any of you who didn’t do as well as you wanted to do, please feel free to come by the class after school where I am available for tutoring. Remember that I am here for you all.  Your success is my goal!

We are going to be looking at the Constitution, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights.  Come ready to discuss and be involved.

For the Leadership class – we are going to be delving deeper into our goals for the future as well as traits and habits.  What habits do you have?  Are they good or bad?  What are your goals for the the next two weeks, next year, or the future? Let’s talk more in class.  I look forward to a lively discussion!

Hello world!

Welcome to 8th Grade History and Leadership classes taught by Mr. Samuelson.  In History class we will be discovering who we are by exploring the past.  In Leadership we will learn how our choices and actions effect our present and future as well as those around us.

Remember that the more you participate in class, the more enjoyable it will be for  everyone involved.  Come prepared and come ready to learn.  Let’s make this a great year for everyone involved!

Daisaku Ikeda