Scholastic Helps You Support Reading At Home

Jan 09

Hi everyone!  Scholastic Book Orders are a great way to support your student with reading at home.  Either through read-aloud options or decodable books, Scholastic has an affordable variety that in addition helps support our classroom.  With each Scholastic order, our classroom receives points that can be used to purchase books, listening center cds, or other items that help us learn. Our order due date is January 15th.  With the attached link, you can order on-line or you can send it your order with your student in their WOW binder.  Thank you so much for support your student with reading, our classroom with quality reading material, and me through your generosity.   <a href=’’><img src=’’/></a>   Have a wonderful weekend!...

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Getting Ready for 2016!

Dec 30

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!  We go back to school on January 4th and I’m so excited to see the kiddos!  Hopefully, everyone has rested and we are ready to work, work, work in the new year! A couple of things:  If possible, please purchase your student a composition book from the Dollar Store.  We will be starting new journals this month and your help would be greatly appreciated.  In addition, a box of colored pencils would be great.  If you had a chance to clean out their pencil box, you probably saw why we are moving to colored pencils vs crayons! Each student may keep a set of colored markers as well.  They won’t be required, but I know the students love to work with markers and they have earned the privilege by being responsible. Just a reminder, your student should know every letter sound except q at this point.  If they do not, please work with them so they can continue to be successful in Kindergarten.  In addition, they should know their math facts to 10 by being able to count on their fingers, draw a picture or by memorization. I am looking for volunteers for the second semester of school.  If you can volunteer during class time of 9:50am to 10:50am or 1:40pm to 2:24pm any day of the week, please let me know.  Thanks so much! Our classroom behavior plan is changing as the students grow more responsible.  We will be returning to the bono chart with a twist.  Students will start their day with a bono ticket at their desk.  As they continue to be leaders during the day, their name will go on the board for recognizing quality leadership.  If their name is on the board at the end of the week, they will go to the prize box which has some new additions.  (Any donations are greatly appreciated.)  If they are not demonstrating leadership qualities, they will turn their  bono ticket into the frowning face pocket.  They will have a chance to earn the ticket back by demonstrating the appropriate behavior. Finally, I did send home journals and reading “hot chocolate” sheets for the students.  Just a reminder that if they turn...

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How to help your student through reading at home

Nov 08

Hello!  Many of you have asked about the best way to help your student with reading at home.  There are two primary ways to help your student:  Read Aloud –  Read Alouds help your student through your modeling and questioning while reading something they enjoy.  A great way to start a read aloud is for your child to point to the title of the book.  As you read the title, ask them if they know what an author and illustrator do?  Ask them to point to where they would find those people’s names on the front cover.  As you read through the book with your child, ask them questions like where is this story taking place? Who are the characters in this story?  Is this a fiction or non-fiction book?  How do we know?  As you finish the story ask your student to tell you what happened at the beginning, middle and end.  You can also ask them what the story was mainly about?  The answer to this question should be a short answer and not all the details.  You can then ask them what their favorite detail from the story was or what they liked most about the book.  As this skill starts to become practice, your student will probably start to just offer the information to you before you ask over time. Self Read –  Decodable books are a great way to help your child with the initial steps of reading.  I will start to send home books that are appropriate for your student.  However, Scholastic Books has wonderful sets for Kindergarten that won’t break your bank account!  As students start to read, encourage them to point to where they are going to begin to start reading.  Good readers use their fingers to help with pacing and location on the page.  Encourage your student to look at the picture for any clues that might be necessary as they sound out the word.  Students should ask themselves “did what I just read make sense?  If they don’t, please encourage them by asking the question initially.  Eventually, they will begin to perform this task on their own.  Fluency is important, so reading and re-reading decodable books is incredibly valuable!...

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Classroom Notes for November 2nd 2015

Nov 03

Hello everyone! We are into the second quarter now and well on our way to learning and growing quickly!  Our classroom instruction and goals are increasingly harder this quarter.  Please remind your student how important it is to pay attention in class and to follow our classroom rules.  We review them daily, however here is a list for you to look at and discuss with your student. Rule 1 – Walk Slowly Rule 2 – Stay in your seat Rule 3 – Raise your hand to talk. Rule 4 – Be a good friend. We will be focusing on the leadership quality of creating synergy  as our centers in the afternoon will require partners to work together.  I’m looking forward to watching the students learn to work well with partners! I have been updating grades weekly, so please check your student’s grades regularly.  Thanks so much for all your support and help with your student’s education.  It is so greatly appreciated! I will begin tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I will occasionally reach out to you if your student needs a little extra help, we all learn at different rates and we all grasp some concepts in our own way.  I teach to mastery so it’s possible that at some point your student might need extra assistance to master a crucial concept.  Thanks for your cooperation and assistance. Have a wonderful week!...

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Classroom News for Week of October 26th, 2015

Oct 26

Hi!  We will be working on the letters f, v, z and p this week.  Each night a decodable word list will come home for homework, please review the sounds we have been learning during class with your student.  Our kiddos are doing so great and I appreciate your support! We will also be starting a unit on plants this week.  I will be sending home some information on how to best support our classroom learning at home.  We will learn vocabulary such as the parts of the plant, photosynthesis, survival, and review living and non-living. In math, we will be working with some, some went away stories, as well as, working on our math facts.  Students will be introduced to the concept of measurement this week. Our fall celebration will be Friday.  We will be celebrating all things pumpkin as letter p is our letter of the day.  Students are allowed to wear their costumes that day.  If you are interested in sending a snack, helping volunteer for the celebration or would like to help in some other way, it would be greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful week! Classroom Wish List:  Letter trays, stickers and play dough. Thanks!...

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Fall Celebration – October 30th

Oct 18

Hello everyone, we will be having our fall celebration on Friday, October 30th.  Students will be allowed to wear costumes that day.  Our classroom festivities will begin at 1:40pm after specials.  Parents are invited to attend.  We will be playing some games, having snacks and celebrating all things fall through crafts. If you can volunteer that day or help with a craft item, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please let me know.  Thanks!  If you would like to send a goodie or food, we would love it!  Just send me an email with what you will be sending.  Thanks so much for your help!...

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Our Classroom

Sep 24

Hello!  Welcome to Kindergarten!  Our class motto is “always do the right thing.”  We will be focusing on developing leadership skills, learning to read, solving real world problems and exploring the world around us.  It’s going to be an exciting year filled with wonderful growth opportunities and learning experiences. Classroom Rules –  Bono the Monkey Walk slowly Stay in your seat Raise your hand to talk Be a good friend Our classroom philosophy is based on the American Leadership Pledge: As a student of American Leadership Academy, I am Proactive which makes a difference in my life and the lives of others.  I Begin with the End in Mind as I learn to Put First Things First.  I avoid confrontations by thinking Win/Win and Seeking First to Understand.  I create Synergy with my class through working together with others and I take time to Balance My Life by Sharpening My...

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