American Heritage

A Message from Mr. Whitlock:

I am addicted to the classroom—I love teaching and I love students, and I am very excited to teach your child this year.  With a little effort on their part, I’m sure my class will become one of their favorites!


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Mr. David F. Whitlock


COURSE OVERVIEW:  This course will explore the history, people, and government of the United States, from The Pilgrims at Plymouth Massachusetts to the beginning of WWII.  This course will emphasize the key people, events, forces, and issues that helped shape our national identity.  In addition to the historical study of the United States, students will study politics, basic economic principles, government, the US Constitution, and corresponding events in World History.

TEXTBOOK:  The Making of America by Cleon Skousen, 1985. Additional printed and multi-media sources will also be used, including the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and other original and secondary source materials.

ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS, AND SKILLS:  This course is designed to give students a knowledge, insight and understanding of the past, and be able to use that knowledge to understand and apply it appropriately in present-day situations. Students will learn through:

  • Inquiry and Problem Solving
  • Higher-order Thinking
  • Socratic Method
  • Reading and interpreting historical data
  • Participating in authentic learning opportunities
  • Utilizing Cross-disciplinary learning

STUDENT EXPECATIONS:  Students should bring to class everyday their textbook, pen/pencil, assignments, spiral or 3-ring notebook with paper. Remember, no gum, candy, or any food or drink is allowed in class (except for water).

Minor rule infractions will be handled in-class. Major infractions will be referred to the Dean of Students and according to the student handbook guidelines. Students are expected to:
BE on Time

BE Responsible

BE Respectful

BE Ready to Learn



  • Expect (at minimum) one homework assignment per week.
  • Assignments may consist of research, readings, multiple choice, and essays.
  • Please include in the header of each assignment:  Full name, date, class period, and assignment information at the top right of the paper.

LATEWORK:  Per school policy, late work is accepted at 20% deducted for the 1st day late; 40% deducted for the 2nd day. All work turned in after the second day late will receive a grade no higher than 60%.


  • Minimum of weekly quizzes
  • Test at the end of each Quarter
  • Comprehensive Final at the end of the Semester