Weeks 1 and 2

Aug 19

Hello parents and students!  My web page here has changed a little bit.  Across the top, there are two categories.  They are “7th Grade Science” and “8th Grade Honors Science”.  I will try to continue to update what is going on in class on each Friday.  Students, remember that each day’s goals will be written on the board in the objective’s box.  Parents, if you see something for the week that you are unsure of, please feel free to email me at ddoig@alaschools.org.  Thank you very...

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Hello students and parents!

Jul 30

Welcome to Science!  I am Mr. Doig.  I am one of the Queen Creek campus Junior High Science Teachers.  I will be teaching 7th grade and 8th Grade Honors Science.  I look forward to working with your students this year.  A Syllabus will be passed out on the first day of school.  Looking forward to meeting all the parents!

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