Welcome to Ms. Tatge’s Class!


This is my family :)

       Welcome to the 3rd grade at American Leadership Academy in Queen Creek, home of the Patriots!  My name is Cheryl Tatge and this is my second year with ALA and fourth year of teaching.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento.  From there, California requires prospective teachers to attend a post-baccalaureate program in order to earn a teaching credential.  I decided to enroll in a program where I would be able to work towards earning a teaching credential and a Master of Education degree at the same time. I completed this program at National University.

        I have lived in Arizona for three years now.  I grew up a California Girl and spent all of my life up until Summer 2013 living in the Greater Sacramento Area.  My hobbies include traveling, cooking, training at the gym, and attending sporting events.  Since I am from Northern California, you have probably already guessed that I am a San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan.  When my teams are in town, you can bet I’ll be at their games!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of my students and their families. I am thrilled to be able to not only teach here at ALA, but how to help my students persevere through life’s many obstacles while maintaining a positive attitude.  I truly believe that a positive attitude is everything.  I am excited for this school year; I know that it will be amazing!