May 16, 16

May 16

Happy Monday! We had a super fun day today! Today was water day from 10:30-12. Once again, I was so very impressed with how well our class gets along! We had not one problem the entire day. Students were respectful and kind to each other during the water activities and the movie in our room. We invited Ms. Skousen’s class to join us and our class made them feel very welcome. Thank you for raising such awesome kids! This week! Math lessons 111 – 114 ELA: we are tying up our unit on Native Americans. Students will be writing their own myth to explain something in nature and illustrating it. History: We are finishing up our unit on the Civil War. Students are creating a digital comic strip on Ipads this week highlighting events from this time in history. This is something they can also work on at home if they wish. This will be our final grade for this unit and history this semester. End of the year party. Ms. Wilson has taken this on for us. Please sign up to help her on the signup genius that came out this weekend. Spring concert is this Thursday night at the Covey building. * Start times are based on your last name: Students with the last names beginning with A-L will perform at 5:30-6:30. Students with the last names beginning with M-Z will perform at 7:00-8:00 pm. Talent show is this Friday. Awards are next week. Volunteer hours have been recorded. If you served 40 or more, you are invited to a special brunch on May 24th at 8:30. Students who reached 20 hours will be receiving a special award and treat at the awards assembly. Almost every student in our class reached their 20 hours! I’m super proud of them! Rubiks cube camp! I will be cohosting the Rubiks cube camp with Ms. Cassell this summer. If you are interested in having your student participate, please check their backpack for the form I gave them today or email me. Questions: Email me any time. Thanks for all you do!...

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May 9, 2016

May 09

Happy Monday! This week: Math lessons 108-110 Math review AND TEST on Thursday. Typically we do the review on one day and the test on the next, but due to timing this week we will be combining them. Students will still be able to complete reteaching masters IN CLASS to receive missed points. You may notice an increase in test scores doing this. If you don’t, it is because your student isn’t participating as they should. CKLA We are continuing our unit on Native American cultures. This week will include a persuasive essay on this topic. Students are working on the elements of the essay each day in class. The only homework they should have are spelling words. History Our Civil War unit is almost done. Students will be reading and doing activities on Monday and Wednesday and testing via ipads on Tuesday and Thursday. Students are able to retake the tests til they get the score they want. Special events! The BOGO book fair is going on now! We visited the fair this morning and made wish lists. This is a great opportunity to stock up on reading material for the summer. We are also in need of volunteers to man the sale. Please come in when you can. Students are able to purchase before and after school, not during school. (7:30 – 8, and 3-4) Friday is a half day! We will be having a super fun experiment in the cafenasium provided by the Woodruff family. We will also be attending the Wax Museum the 4th graders are putting on. Students will be released at 11:30. The year is almost over! Please be sure to tell me the you and your student have completed so I can record them. The Lighthouse committee will be having a small celebration for all that reached their requested 40 hours/family. Thank you for all you do!!   Ms....

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May the 5th

May 05

Parents: Today was our Skateland field trip. The students were awesome! They sang songs all the way there and many slept on the way home. It was a fun filled day with a lot of action. Skateland presented a great lesson on forces and motion and had students do a few virtual and hands on activities to reinforce the topics before letting them loose on the floor. I was very impressed with our students and their behavior. I did not have a single problem with our class. I am constantly amazed at the respect and kindness with which they treat each other. Kudos to you, their parents, for teaching them these character traits. Tutoring is still happening! Please continue to send your student on Thursday and/or Friday morning for extra help in math if needed. Tomorrow will be a normal Friday. We only have a few weeks left of school and I plan to use them to the max. Students will continue to have regular lessons each day with only a few hick ups for: Half day on May 13th (we are having a special science demonstration from the Woodruff family!) Book fair is coming and it’s a BOGO sale!! This is a great time to stock up on books for the summer.  The schedule is: Tues. May, 10th:  7:30 am – 4:00 pm Wed. May 11th:  7:30 am – 4:00 pm Thurs. May 12th:  7:30 am – 4:00 pm Fri. May 13th:  7:30 am – Noon Please sign up here if you can volunteer to help run the fair. Water day May 16th (please return permission slips with $3 for the event plus $2 if you want your student to have a snow cone.) Our time is 10:30-12 so students may wear their water clothes to school and change into uniforms at lunch. Water attire is dark shirts and shorts/swim trunks to the knee. This is for boys and girls. Tennis shoes/water shoes must be worn. Spring Concert is May 19th. Start Times: Students with last names that begin with the letters A-L will preform from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and students with last names that begin with letters M-Z will preform from 7:00- 8:00 p.m. If your student is unable to attend their allotted time, they...

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April 27, 2016

Apr 29

Parents, We had a super week! Grades are mostly in for the week. I have a few extension projects in math to grade and will get those updated by Monday. Students have been creating awesome projects to demonstrate their understanding. I love their creativity! Math: We had a math review today for our test Monday. I MAY bump this to Tuesday due to Galileo testing on Monday. I don’t want to overdo the math in one day. For this test, students will be required to do a reteaching sheet for each problem they miss to earn their 1/2 point back. I am hoping this will avoid students ‘finding’ the answer and not really understanding it when they correct their tests. It will also give them a bit more practice on key topics we have been working on. The test is fairly easy, so this should not be a big deal. The reteaching sheets will be completed in class. Galileo is Monday and Tuesday of next week. This is our last benchmark test. This is where we see what we have learned. I am optimistic and expect the best! Reading: Students have two book reports to complete. One is a group effort and has been something they have had time in class to work on and discuss with their group. This report includes two individual projects and one group project. It was originally due today but I have changed the due date to May 4th due to other things getting in the way at school. The second book report is a book students should be reading at home. This is a book of their choice, presented in a way chosen from the book report menu. This report is due May 12th. Science: We have been learning about Force and Motion and Sir Isaac Newton. Our balloon racers were a lot of fun and very enlightening. We will continue with this unit next week, doing a few experiments after our Galileo testing. History: We started a unit on the building of America. Starting with the pioneers and moving into early industry and agriculture. Next week will take us into more conflicts between the North and South and eventually to the Civil...

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April 22, 2016

Apr 22

  Happy Friday! We have had a superb week! Students have worked hard and shown extreme synergy! Once again, I love this class! We took a math test and most students did very well. If you notice a low grade on test 19 for your student, it is most likely they chose not to do the test corrections I offer every time. Math tests are over topics we have covered for 10 lessons. If they are not doing well on tests, I would suggest they come for tutoring on Thursday and/or Friday mornings. I have a few openings if you are interested in sending your student. Earth day is today! In honor of our amazing earth, students wrote a 5 paragraph essay on how they would design the perfect earth. We talked about what is good on earth and what might be better. I encouraged students to use their imagination while thinking about choices and consequences. After students completed their essay, they were given materials to build their own representation of their ‘perfect planet’ with paper mache. If you come in our room, you will see a galaxy of planets hanging from the ceiling. It is pretty magical. We still have a few planets left to decorate this afternoon. They will be coming home next week, if I can part with them. I am loving their essays! We are tying up our unit on Midsummer Night’s Dream. It has been an interesting run for us. Students recited Puck’s final speech today and did great!  As a finale, students chose their favorite scene and will be synergizing with their cluster to perform their scene next Wednesday. They are creating props and wardrobe in class but are allowed to bring things from home. It isn’t a big production, but some of our students are really getting into it. Skateland is May 5th. Don’t forget to pay for the field trip on Infinite Campus if possible. End of the year party!! If you are interested in helping plan our end of the year party, please let me know. If you have a student with medication needs on campus, the forms for next year are coming home soon. Please watch for them and...

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April 18, 2016

Apr 18

Happy Monday! I was in Salt Lake over the weekend in the “bitter cold”. I am happy to be back in school with your awesome kids! This week: Math  Monday:lesson 100 Tuesday: Review and test Wednesday: Investigation 10 Compound probability Thursday: Lesson 101 Friday: Lesson 102 ELA We are deep into our MidSummer Night’s Dream unit. Today we compared events in Athens and the Forest. Students were assigned a Mini Scene to work on in a group. They will be adding stage direction and details to Shakespeare’s script and acting them out as a group. These really are “Mini”, so it should be easy. History Students are working on a study guide/review for our unit on the Age of Exploration. Tomorrow we will do a Kahoot to review and have a test on this unit. Earth Week In honor of Earth day, students are creating their own worlds this week. Today we started brainstorming about what elements would be on their own ‘perfect’ world. We talked about changes to our own world and actions and consequences. It was neat to see some of them really struggle over changes they wanted but not wanting the consequences they felt would follow. Students will be presenting their ‘world’ in both a written format (5 paragraph essay) and a visual format. We will be creating a paper mache globe in class, but I have given students the freedom to create a globe/world in whatever way suits their style best. I love the creative ideas our class comes up with! Since we will be working with paint later in the week, if you are concerned about uniforms please send in an apron or old shirt for your student to wear over their uniform. I don’t anticipate any mishaps, but they are definitely possible. Field trip Permission slips and payment for the trip to Skateland are due by April 20th. PLEASE pay for this field trip on Infinite Campus. If you are having issues with IC, please call our office manager Jane Hutcherson and she will be happy to assist you. I really don’t have any way to help you with this. If you have already sent in cash or check, don’t worry about changing...

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April 12, 2016

Apr 12

  Today is award day! Our awards ceremony will be at 1:20. You should have received this information in the parent newsletter already, but I wanted to remind you. We have several students who have worked hard to achieve honor roll and presidents list. We’d love to have you come cheer for them! Speaking of cheering, a few months ago our class wrote poems for the National Schools Project contest. Several of our students won the honor of being published in this year’s publication. Acceptance letters will be coming home with the following: Lindsey Brewer Emma Baker Thomas Black Kenly Key Leila Skousen Elijah Saenz Sophia Luciano Wyatt Ptak Karli Merrill Ashley Cooper Lily Bernal I am so very proud of them! Poetry can be less than fun for students, but these kids put for their best effort and it paid off! Now they can say they have been published. I think it is very cool and hope you celebrate your student a home for their efforts! I will not be at school this Thursday and Friday. I am going to Utah for a conference. Mr. Kent will be our sub. He has subbed before and knows our class. He told me it was a “honor” to sub for me because of the awesome students we have. This week: *math lessons 96-100(possibly 99 due to half day Friday) *CKLA Midsummers night dream. (most work done in class) *History: Age of exploration ( Due to technical difficulties, I have changed the webquest from required to extra credit.) Other work will be done in class unless students misuse their time. *Permission slips for Maturation class are DUE. The class will be this Friday from 10:30 -11:30. Mrs. Hurd will be teaching the girls and Mr. Provancha will be teaching the boys. *Skateland permission slips are due April 20th. We need chaperones! *Book reports due May 12th. This is student’s choice. They just need to show me the book to get it approved. Have a super...

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